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Learn how to rapidly grow and preserve your cryptocurrency portfolio.
About Me I am a full time cryptocurrency trader and investor.  In 2017 I managed to turn £5,500 into £150,000.  I have also learnt some painful lessons when it comes to investing into cryptocurrencies.  In addition to the excess volatility, there are thousands of scammers, hackers and pump and dump schemes in this market.  I created Crypto Investors Club to help investors aviod such risks while maximising their potential profit.
About Crypto Investors Club Crypto Investors Club is a group of like minded investors who share valuable knowledge and help eachother avoid scams etc… There are many benefits of joining CIC, and they are listed below. The club has been active since January 2018 and has over 225  members.

Crypto Investors Club

There are three tiers to Crypto Investors Club tailored for different types of Cryptocurrency Investors.  For a more detailed explaination of each tier click ‘Learn More’.

Crypto Course

If you have never invested in cryptocurrencies then this course will run you through everything you need to know.  To find the list of contents click ‘Learn More’ below.

1-1 Consulting

If you want to have individual guidance on your strategies or have any crypto related questions then I offer 1-1 consulting.  To find out more click ‘Learn More’ below.

There’s absolutely no contract whatsoever, you can come and go as you please.


“I find it super helpful that you do all the technical analysis to time the market and always let us know exactly when you are getting in and out, and of which coins! The first time you said the market would go down, I hodl’d and this time I sold. Really glad I did that!”

“The time put in by Devin to do research and make recommendations, as well as videos he puts out giving lessons and explanations. I am older and this is the first time in my life, I am able to start putting money into something. I have very basic knowledge of saving and even less of investing. So I guess the most value would be the teaching and crypto info equally.”
“Crypto expertise and analysis. It’s a great community of people, so also having different opinions and viewpoints is very beneficial.”
“Devin, your interaction with the company with quick replies and updates really brings the community together. But most of all, your passion and willingness to help others really stands out. I’m very grateful for that. Thank you.”

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Devin Milsom

Founder Of Crypto Investors Club