My name is Devin Milsom and I live in a small city called Norwich in the UK. I spend most of my time studying everything related to investing and technology. I first came across Blockchain technology at the beginning of 2017, since coming across the concept of decentralised ledger tecnology(DLT) or more commonly
referred to as Blockchain technology, I have spent countless hours researching and learning about how this technology works –and it truly fascinates me.

I started investing in cryptocurrencies after 3 months of thoroughly learning about the technology. The first cryptocurrency I invested in was Ethereum and I bought it at the time when it was around $50. Since then I have invested in over 50 different coins and managed to turn £5,500 into over £150K at the December peak. I can talk about investing and blockchain technology for days, and after boring my
family a bit too much I decided to create a blog to help teach other investors how
to safely and profitably invest in cryptocurrencies.

 I started receiving hundreds of emails weekly from people all over the world
which was great! However, at the time I had a full-time job and I was spending all
of my evenings / weekends focusing on my blog. I love helping other people but it was physically draining so I decided to quit my job and focus on my passion. Since then I have created a course to help investors learn how to safely and profitably invest in cryptocurrencies and I have also created a private club where like-minded investor’s share valuable cryptocurrency knowledge. I have learnt a tremendous amount from this group and I have made many friends in the group as well.

 Blockchain is the evolution of value exchange and the revolution of trust.